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This website was created specifically for an Ebay Auction no longer in progress.

The items shown on this website will be removed from the Auction as they are sold.

I have more than 400 websites on 5 different servers and don't have time to promote

them all anymore. Several of the sites listed below have made me a lot of money.   All

of these sites are on the same server. I am trying to simplify my life and unless someone

wants their site(s) hosted here I will be moving these sites to one of my other servers.

I am trying to sell some of them off to save myself some work. I am open to offers, 

especially on any of the sites that are not ".coms". Make me an offer on all of them.

The following established websites are available complete with domain name(s).

Click the Domain Name to see the site.

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PRICE   UNLIMITED   64 M  $2,500 + $50/Month   50 M   2 M  $100 US   50 M   5 M  $20 US SOLD   50 M   2 M  $120 US   50 M   1 M  $50 US   50 M   2 M  $120 US   50 M   5 M  $100 US   50 M   3 M  $75 US
SOLD!   50 M   13 M  SOLD   50 M   2 M  $50 US SOLD   50 M   1 M  $100 US   50 M   2 M  $100 US   50 M   2 M  $100 US   50 M   3 M  $150 US   50 M   3 M  $10 US SOLD   50 M   49 M  $60 US SOLD   50 M   8 M  $20 US SOLD   300 M   300 M  $20 US SOLD   50 M   3 M  $150 US   50 M   2 M  $10 US SOLD   50 M   1 M  $10 US SOLD
SOLD!   50 M   2 M  SOLD   300 M   59 M  $25,000 US   50 M   2 M  $200 US   50 M   2 M  $10 US SOLD   50 M   8 M  $1,000 US   50 M   1 M  $10 US SOLD   50 M   2 M  $10 SOLD   50 M   1 M  $20 SOLD

 You may move your purchased site(s) or I will host for you. Please read the terms below.

The first site ( is the Web Host Manager and has unlimited space/accounts/bandwidth. It has
a special (WHM) Control Panel and includes all of the other accounts. You can resell webspace with this.

Each site is designed specifically to make money and includes either downloadable products, adsense, affiliate links or a combination of these revenue generators. If you decide to leave the site(s) you purchase hosted here I will edit the site(s) and put in YOUR payment info for you so that YOU will be paid for any traffic and/or sales your new site receives. You may need to sign up for PayPal or Adsense or Affiliate Program(s) (all free) depending on which website you purchase.

If you decide to move the site to another server yourself you probably know what you are doing so you can edit the payment/affiliate information yourself. Remember - I am selling these to save myself some work!

If you want ME to move you site(s) to another server I WILL edit your payment information and any other small changes that you may request. The fee for this service is only $20 and will be done as soon as possible.
If all you want is the domain name(s) that is fine. Please let me know as soon as possible if this is the case.

As soon as payment clears I will transfer the domain name(s) to a Registrar of your choice, or to make the transaction easier, faster, and save you any transfer fees I will just push the name(s) into an account you can set up free at the current Registrar. The later is preferred and is much faster and less work for everyone involved.

If you want to leave the site where it is then hosting is available for $6.99 per month or get two months free by paying $69.99 per year up front. If you purchase more than one site it will be only an extra $1.00 per month for each additional site and each site will have it's own control panel. Hosting is on a linux server and has cpanel for ease of use.

If you are using the "Buy Now" button you will be expected to pay that amount at PayPal as soon afterwards as possible. I will send you an invoice for the balance. The domain name will be transferred or pushed to you as soon as possible. You will have 3 days to either move the site or else open an account at for the hosting.

Please note: If you see a site you want please click on the "Buy Now" button, pay that amount at PayPal as soon as possible.


Please check my feedback. I am a very respectable and helpful businessman who provides excellent service to his valued customers. I will ensure that you are well looked after and happy with your purchase after the sale. If you have any questions regarding my listing please use the Ebay Message System to contact me. The link for that is at the top of my Auction Listing Page. Again, I will mention the Auction Listing is for a Coupon that is worth $10 towards the purchase of any item listed for sale on THIS website. This website was created so I could mark items which have already been sold. I will keep it updated to the best of my ability, but be assured if you purchase the Coupon and the item you want is already sold I will either issue a refund of a credit for another product. I also do web hosting, website design, script installations and sell and install turnkey sites like that offered at and (which is listed for sale above). Please note: I will accept PayPal payments up to $200 only. This is for both your protection and mine. I am also open to (reasonable) offers on all of these websites, especially the domain names that are not ".coms". I bought a bunch of names in bulk and they were included. Make an offer on them and take the whole lot of them off my hands. They do make money, but I collect only ".coms". Just a personal preference. Thanks for reading my listing. If there is something I haven't covered here please let me know. If you want to discuss, negotiate or confirm a price or availabilty of a particular item please use the Ebay Messenger System so that You, Ebay and I all have a copy of your questions.

Happy Bidding!

Paul Snider